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HazMat Team

  • Recognized need for a countywide response team and planning began in 1989.

  • Team put into service in early 1990.

  • Team is funded annually through county tax dollars. Initially, some start up cost was funded by local industries in conjunction with the LEPC.dustry.

  • Team typically responds to major situations every year. Many incidents are handled by on call personnel or a smaller number of team members.

  • Response vehicle is a 1996 International/Hackney purchased used in 1999. Currently stored at Boiling Springs Fire Department, main station..

  • Haz-Mat Team’s response is to stop & contain leaks/spills with clean up left for private contractors

  • Numerous Fire Departments comprise the HazMat team with on-duty personnel trained for HazMat response when needed.


It is the mission of the Hazardous Material Emergency Response Team to remove endangered people, conduct emergency rescue operations, and act as technical advisors to the incident commander at scenes of hazardous material releases. These activities are conducted by properly trained and equipped team members, using only safe work practices.


The Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team will operate within three operational priorities to include:

  • Safety of everyone involved.

  • Rescue of persons imminently endangered by the release of hazardous materials.

  • Support the incident commander by acting as a resource, to provide technical information about the material that is posing a threat to the community.

  • Identify and execute a plan to stop or control the release of a hazardous material, if it is posing an immediate threat.

Fire Departments

The following Fire Departments are part of the Spartanburg County HazMat Team:

  • North Spartanburg FD

  • South Spartanburg FD

  • City of Spartanburg FD

  • Duncan FD

  • Startex FD

  • Boiling Springs FD

  • Cherokee Springs FD

  • Hilltop FD

  • Mayo FD

  • Holly Springs FD


HazMat trainings alternate between departments with every shift afforded the opportunity to receive training.  Several times per year the team meets as a collective whole to conduct trainings/exercises.  


Wanna Join?


Call Bob at 864-595-5367

or email him at

Robert Yonas
HazMat Coordinator
Office: 864-595-5367
Address: 175 Community College Dr
Spartanburg, SC 29303  


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